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2018 ISA Winter Festival at the Canton Tower

On the evening of December 19th, 2018, Canton Tower was a magical place to be, filled with the wonderful voices and innocent smiles of children. More than 1,800 visitors including teachers, students and parents from ISA International Schoo

ISA×MOGZH×K11 | Choir Performance

ISA International School of Guangzhou adopts the IB teaching system to provide students with quality international courses. In addition to professional academic courses, ISA also conducts a variety of music and art courses, and is committed to cult

ISA×Canton Tower | Lighting Festival Choir

As the last month of the year, December is a special month, and people from all over the world are preparing for the upcoming holiday. Last Friday, students from Y5 to Y7 of ISA International School of Guangzhou were invited to participate in

SCNU Professor Lin’s Teaching Research Trip

Professor Lin from South China Normal University visited ISA International School to investigate and study the teaching of Chinese in International Schools. On the morning of November the 30th she conducted in depth research and discussions.

2018-2019 Executive Committee of ISA PSG

ISA International School of Guangzhou believes that the parents' rich experience and insights in different fields can provide students with a wealth of resources for IB's inquiry courses, and work with the school from a family perspective to better