Middle School

ISA Middle School provides a unique educational experience that will prepare students for High School and beyond.

Traditional subjects are taught: science, mathematics, humanities, 2 languages, music, art, drama, PE, sport and design, alongside 8 hours per week of integrated studies in a project-based learning (PBL) environment.

Students have the chance to choose their own projects within the project guidelines, supervised by a group of mentors.

Learning is designed to develop 21st century skills, such as: engaging the students through their passions; inspiring creativity; learning problem-solving skills; building collaboration and cooperation; developing communication and presentation skills; developing critical-thinking skills and understanding how to manage knowledge in a technology-rich environment.

These are transferable skills that will improve a student’s academic performance. It is real learning for the real world.

Each project addresses essential questions that are drawn from academic and real-world problems.

Teachers are facilitators and mentors throughout the project. They also offer optional skill-building workshops.

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