Science City Campus

ISA International School of Guangzhou has successfully competed for the KXCN-Z-1 plot of development land in Science City (Guangzhou Development Zone). The plot has an area of 37 320 square meters, and is near the Guangdong Olympic Stadium. It takes approximately 20mins to drive to the site from Zhujiang New Town. The plot will be used to build our new K-12 ‘ISA International School Science City Campus’. We will enroll more than 1 800 students here and create a school with a genuine multicultural, international and futures-oriented curriculum. It is scheduled to be operational in August 2020.


ISA International School is committed to creating a community, which is focused on individual learners, nurturing their gifts and talents, and helping them become responsible global citizens and internationally-minded young men and women. Their education will follow a holistic model, which balances academic and cocurricular pursuits with leadership, character and moral development. It will be a community where many nationalities and cultures come together and learn from each other, especially in aninternational school environment.


ISA utilises the International Baccalaureate (IB) teaching framework in combination with the British Curriculum Standards to ensure that the curriculum is of a high quality, international standard. ISA  has developed extensive international relationships to to support this inspiring curriculum and learning community.


While English is the main mode of teaching in ISA, we provide a high quality Chinese language curriculum to help students integrate into Chinese society while seamlessly integrating with Western education. At the same time, we provide students from different countries with French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and other native language courses and encourage students to take multiple languages at the same time to cultivate global citizen.


In addition, ISA provides students with more than 20 high-quality cocurricular courses to help enrich the lives of students and improve their wellbeing. These include music appreciation, learning a musical instrument, choir, karate, ballet, drama, fencing, golf, swimming, football, tennis, debating, chess, Chinese crafts and culture, table tennis, and many more.


The Zhujiang New Town Campus of ISA 

ISA International School started operating an IB International School located in Zhujiang New Town CBD and has been operating for nearly 3 years. We officially passed the assessment of the IB (International Baccalaureate Organisation) in June 2017 and became a PYP-authorised school. Authorisation for MYP will be achieved in 2018 and for the Diploma Program in 2019.


Relying on innovative educational models and outstanding teaching achievements, we have established a good reputation in the eyes of the international education community. We attract more than 300 children from 26 countries. Our Principal, the leadership team, and homeroom and specialist teachers, all of whom obtained confirmation from the Provincial Foreign Experts’ Bureau, are from developed countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. ISA is one of the few international schools which enrolls the children of foreign people in Guangzhou CBD.


Our students have been actively participating in various competitions and have achieved excellent results, such as defeating Dulwich Colleague Beijing in the Debating Competition, winning the second prize in “Canton Cup” Football Match, and performing well in international Mathematics Olympiad tournaments.


The Science City Campus of ISA

In order to develop Science City Campus into a leading international school in China, ISA is engaged in global design bidding and hired the world's top design team for campus design. The master designer holds a PhD in architecture from Harvard University and his designs have won numerous awards worldwide. The planning and design of ISA International School Science City campus will focus on an "all around the learners" planning concept to maximise the preservation of the original mountain and the natural environment.  A ‘patchwork’ layout of the various types of space and function will ensure a forward-looking, modern, well-equipped futuristic school.


The Science City Campus will be built against a small mountain. An international standardised 400-meter athletics track, sports field, and stadium forms the center of the campus, with the Kindergarten, administrative building, primary school, library, middle school, high school and student dormitory forming a semi-circular periphery. Above-ground, covered walkways will be set across all the K-12 buildings and the library for ease of movement across the campus. Designers are committed to building the entire school with an international, modern, garden style, emphasizing open but distinctive space.  It will be a blend of international and Chinese design elements and feature strongly in the educational landscape.


At the same time, we will invest in and construct international facilities such as a competition-standard football field, indoor heated swimming pool, track and field facilities, indoor sports courts, facilities for music, art and dance, and a multi-purpose lecture and performance hall accommodating 800 people.


Further reports on this exciting development will follow in the coming months.

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