School Thursday Club

Activities Held Every Thursday Afternoons


Football, Tennis, Fencing, 

Baseball, Table Tennis, Karate



Choir, TNS Drama, Photography



Makerspace Machine, 

Makerspace Lego with coding



Creative Cooking,

Chinese Culture Clubs


More Detailed Information


Thursday afternoons, 2:00pm to 4:00pm



4*10 week blocks. Students have the choice to repeat any activities that are being offered more than once. New activities will be added throughout the year.



The cocurriculum is for Y1-Y9. All students will take part in Thursday afternoon activities in theirfields of interest or expertise.



The school will often provide the physical resources required for activities. In some cases, parents will be required to pay for specialized items.



Most activities will be held at ISA school using facilities such as our multi-purpose room, hall, classrooms,the Science Laboratory, and even in Redtory. In some cases, activities will take place off site.


Leadership Opportunities Provided for ISA Students Who Participate in the Activities 


All students will be given opportunities to develop leadership skills whenever possible as part of their selected activity. However, clubs will be structured with three formal leadership roles in mind.


Captain Each club will nominate a captain who will support the teacher and supervisors.


Vice-Captain This person will help organize students and liaise with the captain and teacher.


Secretary As a key reporter, the secretary writes reports for the school newsletter and website.


The People Who Make the Thursday Club Happen

ISA will draw on teachers, parents, external specialists and even professional partners from the Redtory community to offer dynamic activities to the student body. ISA is constantly seeking out specialists and experts in the community to provide more opportunities for our students.


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